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We love to help families who have concerns about the taste, smell, discoloration or staining caused by their water.  When water treatment is applied correctly your families water will not only  taste and smell great but your home will be easier to keep clean  and you will save your family money!  Our biggest reward is after we've helped a family with their water concern we love to hear "we should have done this a long time ago!".

Based in Midland, Ontario, Canada, owned and operated by Gary (the Water Guy) Beutler and his team, The Water Filter eStore is the sister store to The Water Store Midland, which has been owned and operated by Gary since 2003.  This store was created to satisfy the many requests by people like you who viewed Gary the Water Guys youtube videos on water treatment and wanted to know how to get the products discussed. We help folks who are looking for great quality, name brand water filtration systems, accessories and replacement parts.  Including Water Softeners, Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems, Tannin filters, Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems and much, much more! We pride ourselves on providing great "how to" information for do it yourselfers primarily through videos, blog posts, manuals and other great content.

We love to educate the families we help to help them make an informed decision when it comes to water treatment needs for their family.

We are serviced by several warehouses across Canada to get the right product to you as soon as possible.  We have the most popular items listed here but our warehouses have thousands of more products available so if you are looking for an item that we don't currently have in our catalogue, please email us at info@thewaterfilterestore.com and we will get it for you!

Our product pages feature videos, brochures and manuals to help you get the information you need to get the job done.

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